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What is Preventative Maintenance?

what is preventative maintenance?

Quarterly, preventative maintenance is considered to be "routine", because that's exactly what it should be. Commercial HVAC systems and units are manufactured to be maintained if you're hoping to maximize and extend the life of your unit. Similar to a classic car, it is up to the owner to keep up with routine maintenance and oil changes in order for the motor to perform at optimal levels. 

All commercial HVAC systems require quarterly maintenance which includes:

  • Coils and cabinet are inspected and cleaned

  • Drain pans and condensate lines are cleared of obstructions

  • Compressor is inspected

  • Fan motor and blades are inspected and lubricated

  • Control box, switches, wiring, and safety controls are inspected

  • Refrigerant level is measured and recharged if necessary

  • Blower assembly is checked and cleaned

  • Belts are lubricated or replaced

  • Combustion blower housing is cleaned

  • Evaporator coil, drip pan, and condensate lines are cleaned and cleared

  • Burner assembly is inspected and cleaned

  • Ignition system is cleaned

  • Safety controls are tested

  • Heat exchanger is inspected

  • Flue system is checked for dislocations and wear

  • Air filter is replaced or cleaned

  • Duct system is checked

If you haven't already implemented a quarterly, preventative maintenance plan, now is the time. Connect with us below to inquire about this month's new client special!

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