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Industrial hvac overhaul for cal state long beach

We recently had the pleasure of completing a commercial HVAC system overhaul for the campus of California State University, Long Beach. This sprawling HVAC system was in need of updating which included eight swamp coolers across the campus.

In order to get this campus back on track, we needed to either update or replace various roof curbs that were rusted out and leaking, as well as duct plenums. To accommodate this college campus's busy schedule, this work was scheduled out over consecutive weekends. First things first, working from the outside of the building inward, we needed to replace old, rusted plenums across the multiple roofs. To do this, we had custom plenums made to accommodate the specific needs of the project.

Out with the old, in with the new - these carefully crafted, custom-fitted duct plenums and air registers bring this system up to date and provide adequate air flow. Everything from the cafeteria to the kitchen was in need of updating.

The new updates will keep water from leaking into the designated areas now that they are free from rust. Overall, this project was flawlessly completed, on time and just under budget. We were thrilled to help, and the kind folks at CSULB were extremely pleased with the results!


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